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OGCkete - Helping you to use OGC Web Services - significant NZ Examples

Napier City Council

The original OGC Web Service example in NZ was the Napier City Council site

It utilised MapServer and WMS Web Services initially, and now deploys a WFS Web Service as well using GeoServer

MAF - ex MinFish NABIS - National Aquatic Biodiversity Information System

Originally deployed by MinFish, NABIS comprises a Web Mapping Site using MapFish and OpenLayers

NABIS has deployed many OGC WMS Web Services using MapServer - see

LINZ Data Service (LDS)

First appearances are of a Web Mapping Site with some data clip/zip/ship functionality - not the usual offering

This site is deployed by Koordinates using a PostGIS spatial database, GeoServer web server, and an open source mapping interface incorporating OpenLayers and an OpenStreetMap base. Behind the scenes however are OGC WMS and WFS Web Services for about 1900 layers(Highest number in NZ) - located in the Web Services Tab - Use these URL only for test purposes - Obtain your own web service key for production purposes

The WMS Web Services are limited to raster data, and are not available for point/line/polygon data - not the usual offering. Instead of an open URL that everyone can use for WMS and WFS, it uses personal web service keys generated within each user account. User accounts are freely available.

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